Lopez Okonomiyaki

Once you eat at Lopez, you will know what really good okonomiyaki tastes like. Lopez, a long-time ex-pat resident of Hiroshima, has been running this popular shop alongside his wife in the heart of Yokogawa for many years. Originally, Lopez trained under Hiroshima’s most famous okonomiyaki master, Hassho and has for many years since delighted customers with some of the best Hiroshima style okonomiyaki this city can offer.

Nagataya Okonomiyaki

Nagataya Okonomiyaki - night viewNagataya Hiroshima style okonomiyaki shop is in a great location, right on the end of Hondori, directly next to Peace park. This is a good choice for okonomiyaki fans if you have a larger group, or want to eat out as a family or even for vegetarian diners. However, because this is such a great location, you can usually find a line of customers waiting outside this shop most days. There is seating for almost 40, so the line moves quickly, but if you are not the patient type, you should plan to go outside of popular meal times as they don’t take reservations.

Okonomi Dining Toraji

The name is a combination of “too large” in English and the Tora tiger that is the owner’s pet-name, Toraji is a great little place in Ushita well worth a visit.

Sit at one of the heavy wooden tables, get a cold beer (even Guinness) and explain what type of toppings you want on your okonomiyaki (including how you like it).

Micchan Sōhonten

Micchan is Hiroshima’s most famous okonomiyaki chain that originally started selling the signature dish in 1950 at this location near the YMCA called “Micchan Sō-hon-ten”. Originally, a very simple crepe made with vegetables, this dish has developed into quite a culinary delight. You can choose from special ingredients like oysters, cheese, mochi rice cake or seafood to go with the traditional crepe, noodles, cabbage and bacon layer version.

Ichiriki Okonomiyaki

If you are looking for traditional okonomiyaki in a fun and friendly little place, then Ichiriki is a great choice. Yasumi and Hiroyoshi are the hardworking sibling owners who opened this little shop in 2004 and have been gaining fans near and far ever since. They have delicious Hiroshima style okonomiyaki as well as a large a la carte menu of teppan-yaki- grilled dishes, oden and more to choose from.

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