A.P.C. store opening in Hiroshima

a.p.c. hiroshima

French ready-to-wear brand A.P.C. known for classic pieces with clean lines and top quality raw-denim selvage jeans comes to Hiroshima this spring.

The Fukuromachi store opens its doors Saturday, February 28 and is open 12:00-20:00.

Adachi-ga-hara (Kurozuka)

adachi-ga-haraThe kagura story of Adachi-ga-hara [安達ヶ原] comes from a Noh play based on the legend of an inn at Kurozuka [黒塚] (another name the play goes by) in the Touhoku region run by your worst nightmare of a landlord – a demon which would take the form of old woman and prey on travelers during the night.

Cute “ogre and club” bread sets for Setsubun

andersen oni ni kanabou setsubun bread setOni ni kanabou [鬼に金棒] is a Japanese saying which literally means giving an iron club [kanabou/金棒] to an ogre [oni/鬼], ie making something already pretty strong, pretty much invincible. It seems that during the annual festival of Setsubun on February 3, when oni run amok at kindergartens all over Japan scaring the pants off kids with only a handful of beans to protect them, the last thing you’d want to do is give them an iron club. Unless, that is, they are made of custard filled pastry and coated in chocolate.

On February 3, for one day only, you can pick up these sweet bread sets at Andersen bakery in the basement of Fukuya department store across the road from Hiroshima JR Station.

Via Tabetainjya.com

Read more about Setsubun in Hiroshima.


Sushi Ken

I am constantly on the look-out for great sushi places to recommend on GetHiroshima as it is always a popular choice for special occasions and for tourists to Japan. Sushi Ken meets all the requirements of a great sushi place to recommend – fantastic quality fish of many varieties, easy access in the city, welcoming staff and a good English menu.

Hiroshima Import Automobile Show

Hiroshima Import Car Show ThEvery year, for two days near the end of January, the “Green Arena” prefectural sports hall is filled with Jaguars, Land Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes and more.

The Bad Old Days

the early days of the Hiroshima CarpCarp fans sometimes grumble that the team simply can’t keep up financially with the Giants or Tigers. Perhaps they should look at the team’s early history and count their blessings. At least the current team doesn’t have to go out in the street begging for money to pay their players.

Yoshimizu-en Garden

yoshimizu-en garden

Yoshimizu Garden [吉水園] is lovely, private garden, only open to the public on two weekends, twice a year. If you can make it on it’s open weekend in November, it’s a great place to take in on the way to or from Sandankyo Gorge and is worthy destination in its own right.

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