PB Climbing

Novice, or expert, family & kid friendly climbing wall gym near Yokogawa station (Hiroshima city). PB is run by climbing enthusiasts who have been developing their passion for scaling up rocks for many years and wanted to open their own shop in Hiroshima to pass on their passion to people in their hometown.

Catch the late bloomers at the Mint

sakura at the mintThe Hiroshima branch of the Japan Mint in Itsukaichi opens for one week only from Wednesday April 16 to give the public the opportunity to enjoy some 57 varieties of late blooming cherry trees within its grounds. The blossoms, mostly varieties of Yaezakura, really are gorgeous and quite different from the someiyoshino blossoms that colored Hiroshima city center pink a week or two ago.

Sun halo observed in Hiroshima

sun halo over hiroshimaChugoku Shinbun reports that a halo was observed around the sun over Hiroshima yesterday.

The halo effect, called higasa [日暈] or ‘sun umbrella’ in Japanese, was observed mid-morning and, according to the newspaper, a ring of light colored red, yellow, blue and other colors hung in the sky above the cenotaph in Peace Memorial Park.

The local paper quotes a 10 year old girl from Itsukaichi as saying, “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it. It looks like a donut”. 


Hiroshima Big-Heart Omotenashi Volunteers: The spirit of Hiroshima’s hospitality

Hiroshima Big-Heart Omotenashi VolunteersA new volunteer network has been set up to provide a friendly welcome to Hiroshima for its visitors from overseas. The group’s name, “Hiroshima Omotenashi Tai” [ひろしまおもてなし隊], literally means Hiroshima Hospitality Brigade, though its official English title is the rather less militaristic “Hiroshima Big-Heart Omotenashi Volunteers”. The group has begun by assigning volunteers to take some pressure off and supplement the work of the small tourist information booth at Hiroshima’s shinkansen ticket gates.

Hanami 2014 is go!

20140327-083223.jpgCherry blossom season officially started the other day when the buds on one of the marker trees in Shukkei-en Garden started to open. The first of the year’s hanami parties will be held this weekend – notably the traditional MAC Bar hanami on Sunday, March 30 next to the Kyobashi river at Hakushima Kuken-cho Park.

Read our guide to some the best hanami spots in Hiroshima city here or download our one page hanami map [pdf].

Kaori-ya Soba-Izakaya

This stylish shop near the Peace Park in Otemachi, serves fantastic soba (buckwheat flour) noodles made fresh everyday. Conveniently open everyday from 11:30 to 11:30, it’s a fantastic stand-by for city center dining. Look for the wood and glass corner shop with twine hanging over the windows.

Kiyomori Matsuri Festival

Kiyomori Matsuri

Every year in March, a Heian costume parade is held on Miyajima to give thanks to Taira no Kiyomori who developed Itsukushima Shrine during the 12th century, laying the foundations for the prosperity of the sacred island.

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